About "Freemasonry in the Bakken"

In each episode, we guide and explore topics about the fraternity to inform listeners about Freemasonry.  A variety of topics that are discussed including history, philosophy, symbolism, and current events.  We also discuss attitudes affecting the Craft throughout the world. We host discussions, interviews, panels events, and round tables to encourage discussion, growth, and understanding. Freemasons and those interested in the Craft are encouraged to listen, enjoy, and comment if you feel so inspired.

The Hosts

The hosts are Master Masons living in the Bakken region of North Dakota. Dr. Robert Baer is the current Master of the Lodge in Dickinson ND and Deputy District Grand Master for District 7 in North Dakota. Nolan Overton is the Past Master of the Dickinson Lodge. In their life and through this podcast, they further themselves in Freemasonry and help their brothers do the same through this podcast and website. As society changes, the tenants of Freemasonry are as important today as they have ever been.  However, we feel certain aspects need to be addressed and attitudes changed as society changes.

The Opinions

We, the hosts, know that many topics within the Fraternity are very polarized.  For that reason, we encourage you to listen with open ears and hearts.  If you disagree with an opinion, we do want you to let us know, but please do so in an intelligent, cordial manner.  We might just want to have you on the show to share your difference of opinion and we can talk through it like brothers.

For our current listeners

We produced shows for about a year.  Then, because of various issues, the show took a break for about a year.  Now, We are back and plan to produce new episodes in seasons running from September through May of each year.  Season 2 will be starting September 2016.   The current archive of shows can be found here.

About Freemasonry

Latest Episodes

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