A Mason is a man of faith | is dedicated. | serves country | is Just | is Prudent | serves family | is Temperant | is Loving | is Honest | is Caring | practices Self-Control | believes all people are equal

We explore topics in Freemasonry and interview people about the Fraternity. #BakkenMasons

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About "Freemasonry in the Bakken"

In each episode, we guide and explore topics about the fraternity to inform listeners about Freemasonry.  A variety of topics that are discussed including history, philosophy, symbolism, and current events.  We also discuss attitudes affecting the Craft throughout the world. We host discussions, interviews, panels events, and round tables to encourage discussion, growth, and understanding. Freemasons and those interested in the Craft are encouraged to listen, enjoy, and comment if you feel so inspired. (more…)

Latest Episodes

The Solitary Mason

The Solitary Mason and How to Overcome

WHAT IS THE SOLITARY MASON? The Solitary Mason is a member of the Craft, who is not practicing or participating in Blue Lodge. It could be for any number of reasons, …